Preventive Medicine

We don't want you to miss any of the special time you share with your pet.  We also believe that it is important to optimize a pet's quality of life and not just the duration.  That's why we've developed standards of care to address the needs of your pet at various stages of his or her life.

The cornerstone of our Preventive Medicine is a thorough, nose-to-tail physical examination which includes:

-Weight and temperature measurement

-Oral and dental health evaluation

-Ear, eye and nose examination

-Listen to the chest, checking for abnormalities in cardiovascular and pulmonary systems

-Palpation of internal abdominal organs, such as liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.

-Check skin and coat for external parasites and other abnormalities

-Overall body condition scoring

-Palpation of lymph nodes, joints and pulses as necessary

A complete physical exam is needed at least once annually.  As our pets age 6-7 years for every calendar year, an exam last year would therefore be equivalent to 6-7 years ago!  Your pet cannot tell us how he or she feels or where it hurts.  Our veterinarians are trained to examine and interpret the findings in order to make recommendations for your pet's continued health. Our veterinarians and staff will then work with you to make customized decisions for each individual pet regarding vaccines, optimum diet and nutrition, further screening tests recommended, controlling parasites and insect-borne diseases, correcting behavior problems and developing good grooming practices.

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Due to the many recent discoveries and innovations in veterinary medicine, your pet can be protected from most major contagious diseases. Today, many immunizations and preventive treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. Vaccination protocols are no longer a "one size fits all" approach and are developed for each patient based on factors such as age, lifestyle and location as well as other risk factors. Call us today for an appointment and our team would be happy to discuss the vaccinations your pet may benefit from most.


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