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Opening your home to a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Thanks to new developments in veterinary medicine, pets today enjoy longer, healthier lives than ever before.

Did you know that many dogs in the United States now live 12 years or more, almost double their

 life span in the 1950's? Indoor cats often thrives for 12 years or longer, and birds, reptiles and exotic pets - even fish - enjoy much longer lives when given good care. 

Obviously, responsible pet ownership has a price. In addition to the cost of quality food, routine  preventive care and veterinary visits to keep your pet healthy, you  should also plan for accidents and unexpected, potentially major  illnesses that, while expensive to treat, need not be fatal. 

 When the cost of quality medical care exceeds the family budget,  pet owners are forced to incur burdensome debt or even euthanize  their pets. For more than 77 years, the American Animal Hospital  Association (AAHA) has been committed to saving pets' lives. We  do not want any pet to face euthanasia, a compromised quality of life  or even death resulting from an untreated illness or injury simply  because of veterinary costs. We believe that planning for your pet's care is the best way to prevent the painful decision between finances and your pet's well-being.

Of course, deciding how to fund your pet's medical care is an individual choice and there are many options to consider. We at Central Animal Hospital are often asked about pet insurance options. While we do not recommend any one specific company, our clients have given us feedback that these companies have provided excellent value and service for them and their pets. Feel free to check out any of these websites:


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