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At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor one pet each month and give them the title of pet of the month.  

           For the Month of October we'd like to introduce Phoebe! 


Phoebe's Bio

Phoebe is a little daredevil; jumping from couches, chairs, and people’s chests. Despite her current
disposition, she had a rough start. When Phoebe's mom first brought her home, she fell ill. She carried her to Central Animal Hospital; the prognosis was not good, and they returned home—along with burial
Through some miracle (and a lot of vet bills), Phoebe not only survived—she has thrived. Today, she
spends her time playing with a ridiculous amount of toys, nibbling on mommy’s fingers and licking faces
for about an hour. She enjoys visiting all of her friends (family) here at the hospital. She has brought
such adorable joy into her families life; She is reminded every day that she is special, beautiful
and loved.

Congratulations Phoebe on being dubbed the pet of the month! 

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