Meet Our Pet Of The Month

At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor one pet each month and give them the title of pet of the month.  

           For the Month of January we'd like to introduce Mr. Darcy! 


Mr. Darcy's Bio

Mr. Darcy was found as a 3 month old stray, and he seemed to be happy to be picked up and taken care of, taking to domestication easily. He's a long-haired tabby with a mix of something we think might be some Maine Coon. The humans of the house jokingly call him an off brand Maine Coon. Since he was out in the cold of winter as a newborn and kitten, Darcy has a persistent cold that gets him down every now and then, but the team here at Central always get him feeling better, running around and yelling and getting underfoot. His human parents already had two other female cats, and though it took a bit, Mr. Darcy and the younger kitty, Momo, are now good friends. Mr. Darcy is very good at bothering his sister senior cat, Sif. Sif puts up with him, but Mr. Darcy is a friendly boy and he's bad at reading social cues to leave Sif alone. His family also has a German Shepard, Tango, and since day one the two of them have been good friends.
Darcy likes his warmth, under blankets, in a lap or a little too close to the fire, getting singed whiskers and paws. He's a cat with a big personality and bigger fluffy tail and these are just a few reasons why he is pet of the month!

Congratulations Mr. Darcy on being dubbed the first pet of the month in 2020! 

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