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At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor, in this case, two pets this month and give them the title of pets of the month.  

           For the Month of June we'd like to introduce Oliver and Chloe! 


Oliver and Chloe's Bio

Oliver and Chloe both are a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and mutt, each rescued from shelters in the Central Valley and brought to a loving home in Petaluma at three-months of age.  From there, their stories diverge.  The 8-year-old Oliver, at 80 lbs., was mixed with something much larger: DNA testing offered several possibilities, the most likely being Bernese Mountain Dog.  The 18-month-old Chloe, at only 40 lbs., was mixed with something smaller:  testing confirmed Pit Bull in part, but the rest is unknown.  When they came together as family over a year ago, Oliver's new nicknames became "Mr. Oliver" and "number One Dog", while Chloe took on "Silly Goose" and "The Holy Terror".  Chloe's favorite kind of terrorizing?  Incessantly kissing Oliver's lips and mouth, which makes him most unhappy.  So much for being Number One Dog. 

Chloe and Oliver are so honored and moved to be chosen by the Central Animal Staff as the June Patients of the Month.  Thank you so much, and, thank you all for you wonderful care.  

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