Meet Our Pet Of The Month

At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor one pet each month and give them the title of pet of the month.  

           For the Month of February we'd like to introduce Jack!  


All about Jack

Jack was a rescue dog at 5 months old when his parents met him, and they knew he was meant to be a part of their family. Jack is a Great Dane/German Shepherd/ St Bernard mix, and he turns 5 years old February 14th. Jack is a lovable goofball who has a seemingly never-ending supply of energy which keeps his whole family busy. He’s a very friendly dog who gets along with anyone he meets, whether they have two or four legs. When Jack isn’t spending the day at daycare meeting new friends, he’s at home sharing the house with his two sisters Dixie and Belle. When it’s time for him to relax he curls up on his love-seat and vigilantly watches outside, making sure all is well on the street. Sometimes Jack forgets his size and takes up the whole bed at night, leaving no room for Mom and Dad. Jack is such a gentle giant  and this is only one reason why we have awarded him pet of the month. 

Congratulations Jack on being dubbed our pet of the month!

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