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Meet Our Pet Of The Month

Pet of the month

At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor one pet each month and give them the title of pet of the month. 

For the Month of January we'd like to introduce Pudge!

Picpic pic

                                                                       Pudge's Story

Pudge was adopted with his sister about 12 years ago from a rescue in Alexander Valley. Pudge was the start of his parents fuzzy family and is now one of four in their home. In addition to his sister, he has two Great Pyrenees canine siblings!   

Pudge loves being a part of the action and can often be found helping his parents work by laying on their laptop keyboards when they work from home.  When he's up for a little fitness, Pudge loves a good yoga session and plops right down on any yoga mat often preventing any sort of actual exercise to be done.   

Pudge also has many nicknames that he goes by depending on his activity for the day;  Christmas Pudge loves the holidays, Stormwatch Pudge loves the winter and looking out the window when it rains and Pudge the Magic Sleeper Cat has the superpower of putting his parents to sleep within moments anytime he cuddles up (which can be quite helpful!).

Pudge's dynamic personality and love for life are only a few reasons why he is pet of the month! 

Congrats, Pudge! 

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