Meet Our Pet Of The Month

At Central Animal Hospital, we love all of our patients so much we have decided to honor one pet each month and give them the title of pet of the month.  

           For the Month of December we'd like to introduce Penny!


Penny's Bio

Penny has been with her family since June of 2018. The minute they held her, they knew their lives were going to be changed forever. She is sweet, kind and very playful. Sometimes her parents think she is part human. If anyone in the family goes in for a hug, Penny is right there. She will jump up, and put her arms around you. She
loves to play ball,chase and is down for a plate of steak and salmon for dinner (who wouldn't be!). She has her favorite toys but prefers her to play with her Donald Trump dog toy. She has not declared a party yet, she just
likes to play with him. At night she sleeps on any pillow she can find by her parents bed. Penny makes us all
laugh, smile and is a true joy to everyone who meets her!

Congratulations Penny on being dubbed the pet of the month! 

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